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True Love by Fate

This site contains material of a mature nature and is NOT INTENDED FOR THOSE UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE. By entering this site, you are verifying that you are at least 18 years old. We are also labeled with IRCA as containing adult content. Finally, our Safesurf rating = SafeSurf Rated Adults Only

It also contains slash (same sex pairings) as well as heterosexual parings. There is no profit made on any of these stories. There are also no claims made that any actions depicted in these stories are true. They are simply parody and no harm is intended.

The archivist and administrators are not editors; so we're not responsible for typos, incorrect punctuation, or anything similar within the stories, though we will take credit/blame for the menus. Thanks.

Please do not use, reproduce, or link to these stories without permission from the site administrator or archivists, nor without permission from the authors!

This is the archive of the Yahoo-List LOTR_Adult_Fiction Here you can find all the stories posted to that list. If all slash is more to your taste, try Of Elves and Men SLASH. Finally, If you ever wanted all Marton, all the time, the Adult Marton Csokas is for you. Marton played Celeborn, Lord of Lorien in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, but he also showed up as Yorgi in xXx, the evil Mr. Smith in Kangaroo Jack, and his role as Dekere (another baddie!) in Timeline. The discussion list is dedicated to him and the roles he plays.

If you would like to see your stories on this site, you need only to join one (or all of the lists) and post your stories; then send the files to the archivist (story submission guidelines). Updates are weekly.

Questions about the lists? Ask Alex

If you have any questions or encounter problems with this site do not hesitate to contact the archivist

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FCGen = Fictional Character General (No real pairing, sexual relationship)
FCHet = Fictional Character Heterosexual (Male/Female relationships between fictional characters)
FCS = Fictional Character Slash (Male/Male or Female/Female relationships between fictional characters)
RPGen = Real Person General (No real pairing, sexual relationsip)
RPHet = Real Person Heterosexual (Male/Female relationships between the actors who portray the characters)
RPS = Real Person Slash (Male/Male or Female/Female relationships between actors who portray the characters)